Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Menu - 6th April

After a lovely break for easter where we all went our seperate ways and had a restful holiday, we are now back and ready for all that Spring and Summer has to offer and a busy few months until August holidays. Sunshine, daffodils, lots of daylight, the world barista championships in June, the world cup football, everyone feeleing just that little bit better about life and of course, wonderful food and excellent coffee in Great Titchfield street. Perfect.

Organic Porridge with condiments of muscovado, rhubarb and raspberry compote, dried nuts and fruit 2.50
Bircher muesli with rhubarb and raspberry compote 2.80
Wheat free muesli with rhubarb and raspberry compote 2.80
Croissants filled with coppa cotta Italian ham, talleggio cheese, plum tomatoes and spinach 3.80
Ciabattinis with poached egg, english bacon, tomato salsa and rocket 3.80
Cinnamon and raisin toast 1.50
Seven seed bloomer toast with homemade preserves 1.50

Pastries by seven seed bakery
French butter croissants 1.60
Pain au chocolat with valhrona chocolate 1.80
Almond croissants 2.50

Bakery (all made on site by chef Jared and Piotr)
Rhubarb and raspberry muffins 1.70
Tomato, herb and cheese 1.70
Super moist chocolate brownies 1.80
White chocolate blondies 1.80
Portuguese tarts 1.70
Lamingtons 2.50
ANZAC cookies or chocolate chip cookies 1.40
Carrot cake friands 1.80

Soup! 3.00 or 3.50
Bacon and corn OR
Cauliflower Polonaise

French retro baguettes 4.00
Moroccan carrot with goats cheese, olive tapenade and spinach
Coppa cotta Italian ham with gruyere, apple butter and rocket

Foccacia with sea salt and rosemary crust 4.50
Tuna with fennel, olive tapenade and spinach
English bacon, tomato, avocado, red onion and rocket with aioli

Tart 3.00 per slice or 5.50 with salad
Split pea with caramelised red onion and blue cheese

Salads 4.50 or 6.50
Broad bean with tofu
Kumra (white sweet potato) with camargue red rice, rocket and chantenay carrots

We hope you enjoy the menu this week, we have enjoyed testing it. Yum

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