Tuesday, 12 January 2010

UKBC training session - Thursday 14th

This Thursday the 14th from 7 pm to 9 pm, Kaffeine is hosting another training session for two of the competitors in this years Barista Championships. Our own Estelle Bright, who is the number 2 in the UK 2008 and 2009 latte art championships, and John Gordon, the current latte art champion, will be going through their routines.

This will be their chance to show us, and perhaps you, what they will be presenting to the judges at the London heats, then hopefully at the UK finals and then possibly at the World championships coming up in June.

Both Estelle and John need to present the following within a fifteen minute timeframe:
1. Four cappuccinos in 5 to 6 oz cups
2. Four espressos
3. Four signature drinks where they have created a non alcoholic coffee based beverage of their own choice.

The rules for this competition are incredibly detailed, with seven judges on the day watching every movement assessing the taste, the smell, the cleanliness, the attention to detail, the knowledge and the overall skill of the barista.

If you want to come along and support Estelle and John by being in the audience or even being a judge, you are more than welcome. Just let us know in advance as space is limited.

Kaffeine is very excited to be able to support these two in their quest to be the best baristas in the world and we will keep you updated on how they, and their training, is going.

We wish them all the luck in the world.

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