Sunday, 15 November 2009

Week of November 16th

It seems that word is spreading for our baked sweet treats as well as our coffee. Time out have twittered this week that our Portuguese tarts are 'amazing' and they have even added us in their updated cafes of London list as one of the best looking coffee shops out there.
The kind people at Qype came in on Friday to celebrate one of theirs leaving and bought a shed load of cakes and twittered their hearts away on Friday night about how good they were.
This is all really appreciated, but what is appreciated even more is the lovely people who come in every day and support us, a small independent cafe in Central London trying to give people, quite simply, really really really good coffee and food. For that we thank you.
You can follow us or make comments on twitter by searching for kaffeinelondon. See you on there.

Weekly Menu
November 9th to 15th

Breakfast from 7.30 am
Organic Porridge with condiments: Honey, chopped fruit or nuts, muscovado sugar 2.20
Traditional Bircher muesli pots with fruit compote and fat free yoghurt 2.50
Wheat free muesli pots with nuts, dried fruit, popped corn, fat free yoghurt & fruit compote 2.50
Croissants with Italian roast ham, plum tomatoes and talleggio cheese 3.50
Ciabbattini with poached egg, English bacon and tomato salsa with rocket 3.50
Bloomer toast with homemade carrot & lemon marmalade or plum jam,
marmite, nutella or vegemite 1.50

Pastries from Seven Seeded Bakery
Croissants 1.60
Pain au Chocolate 1.80
Pain au raisin 1.90
Almond Croissants 2.30

Own made baked goods and sweets
Lemon and cream cheese muffins 1.50
Tomato, onion and cheese muffins 1.50
Carrot Cake friands (almond meal base muffins) 1.70
Homemade cinnamon and apricot bread 1.50
Super moist chocolate brownies 1.80
Portuguese tarts 1.50
Butternut or chocolate chip cookies 1.20
Banana bread 1.80

Lunch from 11.30 am
Soup! One per day - changes daily
French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese OR Tomato, borlotti beans and oregano 3.00/3.50

Thin Foccacia's with olive oil and sea salt crust filled with
Italian Roast ham with herb and garlic ricotta and rocket 4.50
Smoked salmon with baby spinach, dill, red onion with own made aioli 4.50

Fresh baguettes
Italian roast ham, tomato, dijon, rocket, and red onion 3.50
Bufala mozzerella, plum tomatoes, spinach, basil and aioli 3.00

Roast parsnip, chilli and sage 4.50 / 6.50
Camargue rice, carrots, red peppers, onion, halloumi cheese and peanuts 4.50 / 6.50

Baked onion squash with thyme, creme fraiche and gruyere 3.50

San Pellegrino Cans 1.50
Aranciata, Limonata, Chinotto

Chegworth valley Juices 1.90
Cox and Bramley, Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Elderflower, Pear

Freshly Squeezed Juices
Citron Presse 1.80
Orange Presse 1.50

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