Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Week Beginning March 7th - Earthquake Appeal week

This week we are collecting money in two ways for the earthquake appeal. Firstly the 'staff tip jar' is being used at the front counter if you wish to drop in small change. Secondly, on Wednesday Kaffeine will donate 50 p of every coffee sold to the appeal.

But, it is how we will donate this money that is the interesting part. Carl Sara, NZ Barista Champion and a few others including Lawrence Brown and Steve Leighton here in the UK have set up www.christchurchcafe.com. This is where you can buy coffee beans and equipment and even a coffee machine in a virtual world, and all proceeds goes directly to those affected by the earthquake who work in the coffee community in Christchurch.

This is a brilliant idea and it is amazing that coffee people over the world are able to come togther and donate and support others in this way.

So we hope to be able to buy two coffee machines at least, plus some beans to use them on.

See you in store and thank you for your time.

Traditional bircher muesli with rhubarb and raspberry compote 2.90
Wheat free muesli with popped corn and compote 2.90
Fruit salad (pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes, passionfruit, peach) 2.90
Ciabatta Roll with omelette, pancetta, rocket and tomato salsa 4.00
Croissant with Italian roast ham, talleggio cheese, spinach & plum tomatoes 4.00
Croissant with gruyere cheese and plum tomatoes 3.20
Seven seed bakery bloomer toast with homemade preserves 1.70
Cinnamon and raisin toast 1.70
Banana Bread 2.00

Porridge with condiments of muscovado sugar, dried fruit, chopped nuts, honey or rhubarb and raspberry compote 2.50

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissants 1.60
Pain au chocolat 2.00
Almond croissants 2.60

Baked Treats
Pineapple and carrot muffins 1.80
Four cheese and black pepper muffins 1.80
Pear and passionfruit Friands 1.80
Super moist chocolate brownies 2.20
White chocolate blondies 2.20
Portuguese tarts 1.80
ANZAC cookies 1.60
Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.60

Soup 3.00/3.50
Cauliflower with caraway seeds and curry

Foccacias with sea salt and rosemary crust 4.70
Smoked salmon with aioli, dill, capers, red onion and spinach
Puttanesca with bufala mozzerella, tomato and rocket

French retro baguettes 4.30
Pear with blue cheese, onion jam and rocket
Italian ham with gherkin, apple butter and spinach

Salads £4.00/£5.00/£8.00
Spiced cauliflower and coconut
Red vegetables roasted over fennel sticks served on chicory with lime olive oil dressing and pistachio nuts
Broccoli and oyster sauce with chilli and garlic

Oatcakes 4.00 or 6.00 with salad
Oatcakes topped with ginger jam, watercress, sauteed leeks and spring onion, gorgonzola and thyme

Floor: Peter, Catherine, Emma, Krysty, Justin, Amy, Melissa and Jessica.
Kitchen: Jared, Khan, Melissa as well and Sam

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