Sunday, 6 December 2009

Week beginning December 7th

Mince Pies? Italian style Pan Forte? Simply amazing chocolate rum balls? It's all about Christmas over the next 2 and a half weeks as we get into the festive spirit (we are always in good spirits at Kaffeine, why wouldn't we be?), but now we are getting festive, and perhaps a bit silly on occasions too, who knows....

Anyway, Jared and our new commis chef Erin have come up with a few simply lovely treats to lead us up to the big day and get us (and you) through the busy days ahead.

It truly is wonderful to come into the shop on a cold winters day to a warm welcome, really, really good coffee and incredible treats, not too forget our warming porridge and soups, foccacias and baguettes on offer as well.

Enjoy, it's what life should be all about.


· Porridge with condiments of chopped dried fruit or nuts, muscovado sugar,

honey or golden syrup 2.20

· Bircher Muesli pots with rhubarb and raspberry compote 2.50

· Wheat free muesli with nuts, dried fruit, popped corn, rhubarb & raspberry compote 2.50

· Croissants with roast ham, plum tomatoes and taleggio cheese 3.50

· Ciabattini with poached egg, English bacon, spinach and tomato salsa 3.50

· Seven Seeded loaf toast with homemade preserves and French butter 1.50


· Croissants 1.60

· Pain au raisin 1.90

· Almond Croissants 2.30

· Pain au Chocolate 1.80

Own baked treats and sweets

· Chocolate and blackberry muffins 1.50

· Squash and courgette muffins 1.50

· Mince pies 1.70

· Panforte 1.50

· Simply amazing chocolate rum balls .50

· Super moist chocolate brownies 1.80

· Portuguese tarts 1.50

· Banana Bread 1.50

· Carrot cake friands 1.70

· Cinnamon and Raisin bread 1.50



· Potato, Pea and Rosemary OR White Carrot, Chilli and Coriander 3.00/3.50

Thin Foccacia with sea salt and olive oil crust

· Bufala mozzarella, plum tomatoes, rocket and aioli 4.50

· Smoked Salmon and Spinach with home made aioli 4.50

French retro baguettes

· Coppa Costa (Italian Roast Ham), rocket, plum tomato, red onion and dijon 4.00

· Courgette, plum tomato, gruyere and aioli 4.00


· Courgette, red peppers, potato, onion, tomato and oregano 3.50


· Camargue red rice, ham, cranberries, red onion, rocket, red onion and courgette and pineapple dressing 4.50 /6.50

· Roast parsnip, chilli and sage 4.50 /6.50


San Pellegrino Cans 1.50

· Aranciata, Chinotto, Limonata

Fresh Juices

· Orange Presse 1.50

· Citron Presse 1.80

Chegworth Valley Juices

· Cox and Bramley, Pear, Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Elderflower 1.90

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