Monday, 5 January 2015

Week beginning January 5th - Kaffeine - The second shop

As of today, Monday January 5th, we take possession of our second site for Kaffeine. It has been a long time coming, not just because we have been operating for five and a half years now, but also in the negotiations of the lease (6 months).

It is located at 15 Eastcastle Street, W1T 3AY and is part of a small group of retail shops and next to a Samuel Smith pub between Wells street and Berners Street. It was formerly a cafe, but certainly not a very good one and the landlords Berners Allsop Estate who have been wonderful and supportive, were looking for a quality operator to take over the premises.

We believe it is a cracker of a site. South facing with a five metre wide frontage with wide pavements, on a one way street with not much traffic that runs parallel to Oxford Street. It is at the end of Eastcastle where there is not much food offer at all, in the middle of the media, fashion, advertising and design industries of Fitzrovia.

Around the corner is the Sanderson Hotel and around another corner is the new Marriott Edition, it's one minute walk from the new development that is Rathbone Square at the old Royal Mail Sorting Office, two minute walk for the almost completed Fitzroy Place development, a three minute walk from Tottenham Court Road and the new Crossrail development, two minutes into the heart of Soho and five minutes from the original Kaffeine.

Eastcastle street is the perfect Londoners secret walkway to get from Regent Street to (almost) Tottenham Court Road so you do not have to walk along Oxford street. In fact Westminster Council want it this way, so that it takes people off the busiest street in Europe and allows them to walk with ease and find shops, restaurants and wonderful cafes along the way. The new Rathbone Square development is especially designed to have a pathway allowing access through to Rathbone place, extending this walkway even further.

We are using the architectural firm DesignLSM to help us create the space and have appointed BlueCrow Shopfitters to make it come to life.

Kaffeine Eastcastle is 1100 sqf, about 500 ground and 600 in the basement and we will operate in very much the same way as Kaffeine Great Titchfield, but with a few extra new and exciting touches.

Our Lead Chef of five years Jared will move to the new store where he will have some new and exciting kit to work with and his long term second in charge Nan 'Carnage' Khan will take over the kitchen at Great Titchfield. We will be working with a fairly similar menu and style with a weekly changing menu, ably supported by constant staples, some of which will travel from GTS and others that will be new and exciting and different.

I am very appreciative of all the staff who have worked so hard and made their mark at Kaffeine over the years who have helped us get to this stage and very, very appreciative of the many thousands of wonderful customers who have passed our threshold and supported us, as well as of course to my wonderful family, wife and children for their support, thank you all very much indeed. I must also say a big thank you for the amazing and much appreciated help from David and Mark from Kenningham Retail who assisted with introductions and kick started negotiations.

We also very much love the community and the area that is Fitzrovia. Since 2009 we have been very much welcomed into the 'hood and again we are honoured to be able to continue and grow our business in the same area.

It is incredible how often I am asked 'when will you open another store' and we are very happy that now we can say we are doing so. I will try very hard to keep a bit of a journal on how we go with weekly updates so keep an eye on this space for those.

Whilst negotiating the lease, we have also been working on the design, planning, staffing, council applications, menu development, suppliers etc etc etc and we are looking for an opening towards the end of February.

Applications for all levels of staff are now open and include management, lead barista, baristas, service staff and creative and qualified chefs. We hope you will join us on this journey and we very much look forward to welcoming you once we are open.

In the meantime, welcome to 2015 and please do enjoy the menu for the first week back.

Peter Dore-Smith
Kaffeine Great Titchfield
Kaffeine Eastcastle

Traditional bircher muesli with rhubarb and raspberry compote 4.00 (V)
Granola muesli with pomegranate molasses and rhubarb and raspberry compote 4.00 (V)
Fruit salad (pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes, passion fruit) 3.90 (GF, V)
Ciabatta roll with omelette, pancetta, rocket and tomato salsa 4.90
Ciabatta roll with courgette omelette, rocket and tomato salsa 4.90
Croissant with Italian roast ham, talleggio cheese, spinach & plum tomatoes 4.90
Cinnamon and Raisin Toast (V) 2.50
Banana bread 2.50
Porridge (V) 3.00
served with condiments muscovado sugar, dried fruit, chopped nuts, golden syrup or honey

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissant 2.00
Pain au chocolat 2.50
Almond croissant 2.80

Baked Treats
Sweet muffin: Apple and blueberry (V) 2.40
Savoury Scone: Pear, mustard, thyme and mature cheddar (V) 2.40
Friand: Orange and honey (V,GF) 2.40
Super moist chocolate brownies 2.50
White chocolate blondies 2.50
Portuguese tarts 2.00
ANZAC cookies 2.00
Almond and custard slice 2.50
Canele 2.40
Kaffeine Mince Pies 2.00

Soup 4.50
Celeriac and pumpkin with sour dough bread (V)

French retro baguettes 5.30
Pancetta, lemon mayonaise, saute mushrooms, basil and rocket
Baked courgette, fried red onions, feta, oregano and spinach (V)

Foccacias 5.50
Ham, red pepper pesto, avocado and spinach
Crumbed aubergine, goats cheese, sweet chilli and rocket (V)

Salads: 5.50/7.00
Sticky kale with bacon, clementine, thyme and maple syrup (GF)
Raw brussels sprouts with pecorino, rosemary and lemon (V, GF)
Parsnip and beetroot braised in cider (VE, GF).

Tart: 4.40 or 8.00 with salad
Turkey, camembert, chestnuts and cranberry pie 

Weekend Salads
Each weekend we offer different salads to the weekdays and we run them for a three week period, allowing our second Chef Khan to showcase her own creativity.

Salads: 5.50/7.00
Roasted HG Walters Organic Chicken with sprouting broccoli, chestnut mushrooms, chives and three mustard dressing
Slow roasted plum tomatoes, feta, green beans, red onion, basil and pine nuts
Roasted Chantenay carrots with honey, orange and pumpkin seeds

Tart: 4.40 or 8.00 with salad
Dried cranberries. mixed nuts, mixed herbs, soft goats cheese in a puff pastry pie

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